Michael Metzger

Michael Metzger (the guardian angel of your financials) brings years of accounting experience from a variety of industries. He enjoys the dynamic nature of working at Silicon Valley Finance Group where each assignment is unique and challenging, and there are regular opportunities to meet and work with new people. Always looking for solutions, he likes to approach a circumstance and ask, “What will make this more efficient, correct, and reliable?”

He is a number nerd who likes to post pictures of his odometer online when the digits create a palindrome (much to his friends’ collective amusement and bemusement), and he is a math geek who likes to explain the answer to the Monty Hall problem to doubters, and why transpositions always create errors that are divisible by 9.

And yes, he really does think the debit and credit (double entry) method of accounting is elegant, ingenious, and beautiful.